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All your secret information was sold by the data mafia of Gujarat

  • The biggest ever disclosure in the country on the data leak issue in Operation Privacy
  • Bhaskar buys 550 pages of data of 1 lakh people from Mafia to expose fraud, including card number, CVV number
  • Your credit card CVV number and expiry date are also being sold for as much as Rs.

Do you keep your phone locked? Your computer is safe. If your answer is yes then you are wrong. Your smallest and largest information is available in the market. That too at a cheaper rate. So much so, even easier than buying groceries from a general store. Your name, mobile number, e-mail as well as your home address are available for sale for just six paise. On the one hand, data security and privacy is a big issue all over the world, global companies like Google, and Facebook have to clarify in the US Parliament, while on the other hand, your private data is being sold in the streets. Bhaskar conducted an operation. Try to find out how your private and confidential information is available in the market. During the 15-day sting operation, the reporter also reached out to the criminal world of the dark web, where there were revelations that would blow your mind. Your city agencies are selling your data even more than social media companies like Facebook and Twitter. The most active of which are agents rather than physical verification of banks. The municipality, transport office, builders, mobile vendors, and agents are then selling your information to verification agents before issuing a SIM.
Bhaskar has more than 550 pages, data of 1 lakh people

The Bhaskar team purchased about 550 pages of data from various cities in Gujarat in a sting operation. Depending on how much data you have the ability to purchase. Credit cards are also being sold here. The bus price will have to be paid via Bitcoin. Credit card information for more Indian customers is available on and websites as the bank does not even have it. Expiry date of Visa, MasterCard, Maestro card and paying more rupee can also get CVV number. For 70 70 (Rs. 5000) it gives you the information of 4 cards of one of the 3 banks.

Aadhaar card and PAN are being sold

The data that Bhaskar has available. It is very sensitive. It can also empty your bank account. In addition to credit card, bank account, people's Aadhaar card and PAN card data are also available. According to IT experts, hackers can access and steal your bank account through this information. Cases of online fraud of back accounts are happening through this data theft.
No dealer can deal directly

The data mafia does not sell information directly. But sellers have a different platform. They deal through e-mail, web, phone calls as well as WhatsApp. Gives data samples in 100-150 people. Name, mobile number, address, identity card information is available in 5 paise. Credit card data sells for 35 per person. The buyer has to purchase at least 3 credit card data.
Mafia has information up to jobs and salaries

Your mobile number, name, address, date of birth, company profile, position, your salary, company information, bank account information are available with the data mafia.

What is the law: India has enacted the Data Protection Act. That said, the organization that uses your data can collect it. That too with your approval. But no information can sell. That cannot disclose it. There is provision for penalty and punishment for doing so.
Your credit card CVV number and expiry date are also being sold for 35
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